Bioliq Dermo Discoloration Lightening Day Cream 50ml

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Bioliq Dermo Discoloration Lightening Day Cream 50ml
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Bioliq Dermo Discoloration Lightening Day Cream 50ml

Intended for the daily care of skin with a tendency to discoloration

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, nourishes and regenerates.

The cream provides excellent care for skin with a tendency to hyperpigmentation spots. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, supporting its proper pigmentation. The cream evens out the skin tone. Contains Rabdosia rubescens extract, which inhibits the breakdown of melanin in the skin, brightens visible discolorations, and prevents the formation of new ones. The cream also delays the aging process of the skin, regenerates and prevents the appearance of discoloration. It provides the skin with luminosity and a healthy radiant look.

Bioliq is a dermo-cosmetics line containing active substances obtained as a result of extraction, which guarantees the preservation of their unique properties. The basis of the Bioliq series is the Onopordum acanthium extract, which contains sesquiterpene lactones essential for the skin. Thanks to the extraction method used, it maintains its strong regenerative properties, which result from its ability to activate the differentiation of keratinocytes of Iskın cells). Thanks to this, Biolig dermo-cosmetics naturally stimulate skin reconstruction, showing a repairing and intensively regenerating effect. In addition to Onopordum acanthium, each cream from the Bioliq series also contains a natural plant extract dedicated to the individual needs of the skin of different ages, which strengthens and complements its action.

Thanks to the presence of Rabdosia rubescens extract, it reduces the visibility of discolorations, brightens, and prevents the appearance of new discolorations. It restores the uniform skin tone, ensuring a radiant and healthy appearance. In addition, it slows down the aging process, regenerates, nourishes and moisturizes.

How to use: Recommended for the daily care of the face, neck and décolleté. Intended for skin with pigmentation spots. Avoid the eye area.

Storage: Store in the original packaging at a temperature below 25°C. Do not refrigerate. Do not freeze.

Volume: 50 ml

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