Long-Lasting Eyebrow & Eyelash Henna Tint Dye Cream Full Kit

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RYANA Henna Cream
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Professional RYANA Eyebrow & Eyelash Henna Cream

Ryana Long-Lasting Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint Full Set

15 ml Henna + 15 ml Activator + Applicator
High efficiency, up to 10 applications!

Traditional Recipe. It's the first look that counts...

The traditional formula of the well-known cosmetic in an easy and safe way allows you to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and eyebrows. Classical, fast, and efficient treatment that can be performed at home. The perfect method for women at any age. Eliminates everyday use of brow pencil. Henna has no brightening properties, so always choose a darker shade of henna.


  • 15 ml Coloring Cream + 15 ml Activator + Applicator with Comb
  • High efficiency - up to 10 applications!
  • Economical packaging
  • Long-lasting effect
  • A time-tested method for eyebrow coloring
  • Classic and economic treatment that can be done at home
  • The perfect method for women of any age
  • Eliminates everyday use of brow pencil

Color intensity depends on application length. The treatment done according to the instruction on the box will give your brows an ideal shape and enhance your eyes. Long-lasting color, which lets you forget about everyday brow care and you don’t have to take additional products when you travel!

  • Ryana Henna Cream is very efficient, comfortable, and easy to use. The effects of a single hair coloring last up to two weeks.
  • The henna tones hair color and darkens and covers grey hairs effectively.
  • The composition of the cosmetic has been enriched with lash conditioners that nourish and strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

With Ryana Henna Cream, your eyebrows will gain a clear shape and be easier to groom. You can darken the frame of your eyes in just 10 minutes. Please remember that the longer the henna stays on the eyebrows, the darker shade you will get.

Color: Black or Brown

The packaging contains:

1. A 15ml tube with the coloring cream
2. A 15ml bottle with a 3% activating substance
3. An applicator with a comb

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