Cucumber Moisturizing & Skin Repair Clay Mask Stick

Cucumber Clay Mask Stick
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Cucumber Moisturizing & Skin Repair Clay Mask Stick

Cucumber Clay Mask Stick

Convenient stick face masks have revolutionized the cosmetics industry. The same, enormous amount of beautifying and rejuvenating ingredients in a new convenient stick form. Super easy to apply, ideal for storage, portability.  Feel their beautifying power and the comfort of application! 

  • DEEP CLEAN - clean pore dirt and adjust water-oil balance. Effectively soften dead skin, deep clean pores, and dirt, leaving skin feeling refreshed.
  • REFRESHING - contains green tea and natural ingredients, balances skin oil secretion, and replenishes rich moisture. Add niacinamide to make the skin softer and brighter.
  • MOISTURISING EFFECT - moisturize and keep skin hydrated. Add a variety of plant extracts to clean and nourish the skin while leaving it soft and smooth. Contains rich glacier water, which quickly penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, replenishing the skin with natural moisture nourishment.

CUCUMBER - is a vegetable that is often used in skincare and cosmetology. There are many products in drugstores that are based on their properties. These include creams, lotions, tonics, and face masks. The potassium contained in it helps hydrate the body properly, and the sulphur additionally regenerates and acts as a bactericide. Both these elements are used in cosmetics for acne and oily skin. Cucumber is a source of valuable mineral salts, organic acids, as well as vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E for the skin. Moreover, a high concentration of enzymes and mucilaginous substances can be found in its composition, which makes it a valuable ingredient in skincare cosmetics. Cucumber has the same pH reaction as human skin. Therefore it has a very positive effect on its condition. Cosmetics containing cucumber has soothing and softening properties. It is therefore perfectly suited for the care of oily and acne-prone skin. Additionally, cucumber-based preparations show moisturizing properties. They are therefore recommended for owners of dry and combination skin. Cucumber conditions the freshness of the skin and has a whitening effect on it, thanks to which it is effective in the fight against discoloration. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, cucumber is often used in products such as shower gel, cream, and skin tonics. It is also found in cosmetics designed for people with skin problems such as acne. The valuable properties of cucumber are also used by manufacturers of anti-wrinkle cosmetics. It deeply nourishes mature skin while hydrating it and reducing the appearance of crow's feet.

How to use a stick mask:

  1. Cleanse skin thoroughly with soap, foam, or lotion.
  2. Spinout the paste and apply it to the face.
  3. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off and carry out further cosmetic procedures, i.e. wash your face with toner and apply serum and/or cream.

Time Interval:


  • Twice or three times a week
  • Oil-control refreshing
  • Water & oil skin balance


  • T-Zone twice or three times a week
  • U-Zone once or twice a week
  • Individual part care


  • Once or twice a week
  • Oil-control refreshing
  • Water & oil skin balance


  • Once a week
  • Remove residual of skin
  • Water embellish skin

Before use, read the composition of the product and make sure you are not allergic to any of its ingredients.

Contents of the package: 1 pcs of the selected mask

Weight: 40g

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