Contractubex Gel The World’s Most Popular Scar Treatment

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Contractubex Gel
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Contractubex Gel

The World’s Most Popular Scar Treatment!

The gel from the scar specialist Contractubex is the world’s most popular scar treatment. It has been treating scars successfully for over 50 years. The gel is the best-selling scar treatment in over 60 countries, and is regularly recommended all around the world. The efficacy of Contractubex Gel has been proven in numerous clinical studies. Its unique combination of three active ingredients works its way deep into the scar, reducing scarring from within. The result: a nearly invisible scar!

The positive experiences of thousands of people show that using Contractubex Gel really makes a difference, and scars can be treated successfully. You can start using Contractubex Gel as soon as the wound has closed or the stitches have been removed, because the sooner you begin with the scar treatment, the better the chances of positively affecting scar development. Reddening fades after just a few weeks, and continued treatment with Contractubex Gel and its triple-action formula allows further improvements in appearance to be achieved. The scar becomes more elastic and flatter. Treatment may well take 3 – 6 months depending on the extent of scarring, as scar tissue regenerates very slowly. Be ambitious and stay on course – it’s worth the effort!

Areas of use: Contractubex Gel works effectively with all types of scars. Wounds are injuries of the skin and stay with us our whole lives. Most wounds are harmless and are quickly forgotten. Nevertheless, they leave marks on our skin: a scar. Contractubex Gel can be used following many different types of injuries to the skin:

  • Abrasions
  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Operations (including after Caesarean section)
  • Burns or scalds
  • Laser treatments (such as tattoo removal)

The resulting scars are also as diverse as the types of injuries. Some scars are barely visible, while others may hurt or even cause physical impairments – for example, in range of motion. In general: Early treatment with Contractubex Gel ensures, in all cases, that the resulting scars heal as well as possible and are barely visible at best.

Contractubex Gel has a unique formula with three specific effects that support the physical scar healing and ensures minimal scar visibility. The triple-benefit formula of Contractubex Gel:

  • Prevents excessive scarring
  • Reduces redness and itching
  • Improves elasticity and softness

Start treating your scar with Contractubex Gel directly after wound closure and benefit from the three ways it helps minimise scar visibility. Treatment may well take 3 – 6 months depending on the extent of scarring, as scar tissue regenerates very slowly. Be ambitious and stay on course – it’s worth the effort!

Active ingredients: The transparent Contractubex Gel contains active ingredients that support the healing process inside the skin, regulating the production of scar tissue and working to positively influence scar formation. Contractubex contains three complementary active ingredients:

  • Extractum cepae has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties and prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue.
  • Heparin softens the tissue structure, has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties, supports cell and tissue regeneration and is able to bind water to the scar tissue.
  • Allantoin encourages wound healing and has a softening effect, promotes penetration through the skin and relieves the itching often associated with scar formation.

Contractubex has proved highly effective in treating scars for many years. The results that can be achieved are well worth the patience the treatment requires: a nearly invisible scar.

Application: The sooner a scar is treated, the greater the chance of positively influencing scar formation. Start applying Contractubex Gel as soon as the wound is closed and/or any stitches have been removed. The clear gel is easy and safe to apply. Ideally, Contractubex Gel should be gently massaged in 2 to 3 times daily for at least 3 months. Contractubex Gel forms a discreet film that protects the sensitive scar tissue. Apply Contractubex Gel only to wounds that are already closed. Avoid contact with eyes, the inside of the nose or mouth and other mucous membranes. Start at the centre and work towards the edges, massaging the gel gently into the scar. Continue with a small, circular motion until Contractubex Gel is completely absorbed. Scar treatment needs patience, as the injured skin takes time to heal. After about 4 weeks, a reduction of redness can usually be observed; after two months, the scar tissue gradually becomes lighter, more elastic and flat. Contractubex Gel is very safe and its tolerability has been proven in numerous clinical studies. Small children and even babies can be treated safely. The treatment can also work on scars that are older. With older scars, Contractubex Gel should be massaged in 3 times daily for at least 6 months.

How to store: Do not store above 25°C. Shelf life after first opening: 6 months. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the packaging.

Possible side effects: Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. The most often reported side effects are application site reactions. The following side effects were reported in a study where Contractubex gel was used for treating 592 patients:

  • Common (might affect up to 1 user in 10): pruritus, redness (erythema), visible dilation of blood vessels (telangiectasia), scar lower than skin surface (scar atrophy).
  • Uncommon (might affect up to 1 user in 100): darkened skin (hyperpigmentation), thinned skin (skin atrophy).
  • Unknown (the following side effects have been reported postmarketing; incidence cannot be estimated from available data): small pustules on the skin (pustular rash), allergic reaction (hypersensitivity), skin-crawling (paraesthesia), swelling, pain in the application site, local skin reactions (contact dermatitis), hives (urticaria), rash, itching (pruritus), redness (erythema), skin irritations, small bumps (papules), skin inflammation, burning sensation on the skin, separation of skin layers in the application site, tight skin sensation.

Contractubex gel is generally well-tolerated, even in case of extended use.

Volume: 20g or 50g

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